Updated 28/02/2011 : Fixed issue with path containing show names (for instance: c:\my best show ever\season 1 episode 3\show.avi).
Updated 10/12/2010 : Fixed issue with addicted (fixed for good... I hope).
Updated 11/14/2010 : Fixed some issue with CSI New York (NY).
Updated 11/11/2010 : Fix some bug with addic7ed, and fix file associations bug for mkv, if you don't find the "Fetch sub..." menu in explorer, just start srtsaver and click on the associate/unassociate button.

SrtSaver allows you to do 2 things:

Automatically find and rename your .srt file to match a movie/tv show

Many very good site allow you to download subtitles for your favorite movies, thanks to lot of motivated people around the world. The problem is once you have the subtitle you still need to:

  • Store it somewhere
  • Copy it where you movie is
  • Rename it to make it match
And if you end up with lot of movies/tv shows, it can be sometimes difficult to find it!

SrtSaver allows you in one simple click to find the best match for your subtitles based on the filename, it search among all your movies in a few seconds to give you the best options for saving it.
SrtSaver also allow you to preview your subtitle file before even saving it, this way if the language is not matching your expectations, you can discard it easily...

Fetch matching subtitle from popular subtitles websites

Just right click on a movie in explorer select "Fetch subs..." and SrtSaver will try to find subtitles for you

Advanced usage

Through command line: you can start srtsaver.exe either with a folder as parameter, the program will attempt to find all missing subtitles, you can for instance schedule it to run every night.